September 3, 2011

Lal baugh cha raja..... and all...

As per my last year's wish I (With my friends) started for Currey road for darshan of Lal baugh cha raja!!! We were  mentally prepared for 7-8 hours of 'aap qatar mein hai' status for darshan.. But alas.. we entered at 9 PM, and got to do all 15 minutes darshan and we were at exit gate at 9.20 PM!.. God blessed us !!and We were having amazing luck factor with us!!

We visited some more ajubaju k 'Ganapati' and did very good darshans...

We actually did rain dance in a Ganpati Visarjan near 'Mumbai cha raja'!! Awesome experience!

Continuous rains actually made us enjoy!!

As we were free in 20 mins in place of 7-8 hours , we actually had all 'galli food' aramse.. from Panipuri to Dosa to Lassi at home!! :)

I made all my friends jealous who dint come as they were scared of 7-8 hours waiting period for the Darshan!

Ultimately , A very best day , Full of lucky omens and A new beginning!! :) Cheers!

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