September 7, 2011

Going gaga over Govinda!!..

There were days , I used to watch all movies of Govinda... You name it and I would have watched it...

Reasons were dance ,dialouges,acting and stupidity which can be enjoyed!! Songs I used to love..

There is one secret also... 'One of my mamas looks like Govinda!!' (I know he ll say 'huh'!!) :P

Accidently while surfing on youtube I recalled This AMAZING song!!  Awesome!!! The signature dance style!!! Too good..

PS: If you find the song or Govinda silly : No Comments!! You can hate him but cant hate!! :P

Ahumm..... Chalo Ishq ladaye chalo ishq ladaye sanam :P : P!!!! Lolz!

One more song!! Though a very stupid one!! Kurta fadke............ I know People will end up beating me!!

Hahaha..... There are 1000s of songs in the series!!! I should end up here only!! :P


  1. Ms Bubblegum, thanks for visiting my blog. Also, many more thanks are due for posting these videos. After a particularly depressing day, Govinda songs and movies always cheered me up! :)