September 7, 2011

Random Rendezvous...

Shifting of my accommodation has relieved me a lot mentally after a small earthquake in my savings account!!... The most adorable point(s) is/are my 2 'mastimates' aka 'flatmates'...

Almost all the time sans office-time we keep on doing 'hahhehehuehu'....

T3 (The Terrific Trio), keeps on chattering and pulling each-others legs...

Being the eldest of all , I do act as a judge, if at all I am out of the crime scene!! :P

But ,Cooking has been our priority for some obvious reasons!!

Till now.. We have made (with efforts of all 3)

  • Bread rolls
  • Pyaz ke parathe
  • Chai (Thanks to the middle member of trio!! I bet you get a different aroma and taste!!like!)
  • Chopada (Masala thepala)
  • Maggi ( It requires some skills- With due respect to my roomie!) :P
  • Dudh pohe
  • Oat halawa!! (Yeyeyeye!!!)
  • Alu methi ki sabji! :)
A lot more to come!!! I must say mothers of T3 are very happy now!! :P :P

A lot more fun-bullets coming up!!! :) :)

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