September 27, 2011

Navratri - Nostalgia

Yes, Navaratri is up here, and I am not in Ahmedabad :(

During these pre-Navaratri days... We used to do practise in our 'Garba group'! For all non-Gujaratis I will explain. There are 3 types of Garba-raas Functions.
1.The kind of fuction which is famous as Falguni Pathak Nights/ LAA garba (For amdavadis)
2. Sheri garba (Where the function is organized by Societies and colonies!
3.Perfectly Choreographed Garba-rass. Where choreography to lighting , clothes to music, everything is planned!!! :)

Yes I am missing the 3rd one! I used to participate in a Garba group where we used to plan 3 age-group garbas.. One for very young girls, second for young ladies and third for Mummies and grand mothers (yesss!!) of ours.... I have taken part in first 2 groups (Obviously)!

We used to start choreography and practise well in advance! Before 2 months. After college time -office time at around 9PM.. 9PM to 11PM full garba times!
We have done Raas (Its not dandia damn -the prob is called dandia!), garba (Modern and ancient),Ghado( with Pots) to diya raas...I think for 2 years we had guys-gals garba also! But some of them were left-legged! :P

Having fun while practise , heavy practise , last day planning , similar kind of chaniya cholis , rangolis and the most important Music!! :)

Having home made nashtas and nimbu panni in between! All aunties used to prepare in day time for around 30 females!! :)

On the D-day alta paining or mehandi in palms , colour full dresses and lighting on the ground!! I bet I cant miss anything more than this!! I can here the music-feel the charm!

Cheers to all my Garba-mates...We will meet someday again!! (To all my age group girls- who are missing the era like me!)

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