September 14, 2011

Cheers for Cheque chakkar..

I started earning on my own some 2 years back..

I was handed over a sealed envelop with the 'salary account of HDFC' label..
Gosh!! I got the first ever cheque book with my own identity on it!!! yeyeye!!

For the first year I dint get any chance to write a cheque and transfer the amount as company was paying for my accommodation!!!...Then started the 'Puncturing' of my account as I was thrown out of company account after a year and 'Rent on your own' stage came up alive!!

First things first I had to do was to give a cheque to the broker for deposit!! Now the question came...

Which sign ...Full or short?? !!How was the Initial letter??? I had 2 signs!! My hand was shaking.. I had heard of bouncing of the cheque and so called 'Badnami'...But with the name of 'Har har mahadev' I signed my normal way...For the first time in my life I signed on a cheque!! :/

Now there is one more reason I was scared was..There is no uniformity in my hand writings.. With different moods ,pens and notes my hand writings keep on changing!! :P :P I was really scared !what if the sign will not match?? !!

Just after a day my phone beeped 'An amount of 40,000 is debited from your account'! successful!! Alaas... For the first time in my life I was relaxed after some huge amount was going away from my account!!...True Self respect is everything!! :P

Yes I smiled a big way on that SMS!! and Wished myself 'Cheers for the cheque!'

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