September 19, 2011

Points i noted....19th Sept

  • I have started loving my I-pod so madly that even without updating it I keep on listening..while walking,cooking and when I am on call I don't shut the pod off!! :P I keep on listening with my one ear.. You see it makes me a multi-tasker :P
  • I have reinvented my love for sports/games. Bowling is the game I had played once, I was in 10th STD and was defeated by my younger brother so badly that I became Bowlo-phobiac (What??!)! I have reinvented myself and done good now!! (Gooood!!!)
  • I just love oat-meals. I make it really tasty!! Though my room-mates think its 'Bimar logoka khana'!!
  • I am still not able to decide where should I celebrate Navaratri! :(
  • I really want to go for a loooooong vacation at an exotic place!!
  • I want to roam around the world.. I want to see California ,Singapore and Sikkim! They are on my current list and seems I don't have any visibility on the same!!
  • I love to blog!!! It makes me feel good.. Seems its the most common 'random bullet' on my blog!
  • I really need to work on my photography skills!!
  • I want to buy 'Dhinkchika' skirt and the shoes!! (Ooo!! yeah I am choosie! )
  • I want to read some more books and some more books!! Makes me feel awesome!! :)
  • I am totally in love with
  • I have developed a crazy habit of writing lyrics of my favourite songs!!
  • I am proud of my mom who is fighting all alone against 'Search for grooms' statements of aunties!

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  1. Your blogs evince your innocence and craziness about your ardour...Really like that... :)