September 9, 2011

Mere brother ki dulhan-Dont Bother!!

After managing to leave our office at 6.30pm , We 12 people with great enthu , occupying one full raw , started watching the movie..

With time we only chatted with each other , shouted at the person who initiated the plan (!!), commented on each and every dialogue of the film.. I felt...

  • Imran Khan acts with eyebrows not with expressions!!
  • Katrina Kaif looks cool but if she is not over acting , she shows null expressions! And if at all she is acting its always 'an over acted scene'!!!
  • They have tried to create fun by cracking jokes on All Khans!!
  • Ali Zafer is the person you may feel is a bit sensible than lead actors! Though apart from looks a bit of over acting is there too!
  • Parents of all lead roles have acted very well!! :P
  • Songs-They have tried pretty well , still only one time watch! Not so much catchy or peppy!
  • Dialogues some where clicks but they are  few!! :P
  • The whole movie is very much predictable!
  • Last few minutes were stretched so long ,They added up the irritation caused by the whole movie!
  • We really enjoyed our chatting and Popcorn,samosa, Coke!! :P With all focus on them!
  • I really hate to see Katrina dance! She dances like guys!! I must say she should not wear Choli and salwar suits!!! Somehow she rocks in jeans and shorts! :)
  • The side actress 'Piya Patel' seems to be more interesting! At least for guys!
If you really want to see the movie ,please keep your dimag at home and enjoy a few tiny things to do paisa vassoooli!! :P Its very tough!! :/


  1. so true ..... btw do u know piya .. i want to meet her ..... plz

  2. Yeah sure!! I guess u r planning ;)