September 19, 2011

Monday mobile blues...

Scene: After office time , as usual waiting for my friends for the execution of the plan 'Lets go somewhere , we are feeling bored'!..

Action: Office mate-1 came and showed his new 'Android' Mobile. (Yeah touch-pad)..He opened an application and gave it to me!..He asked me to speak something...

Me: 'Officemate-1' is Nalayak!!
Mobile:(Cartoon will act as if he is listening to you) 'Officemate-1' is Nalayak!!'
*Mugambo Khush hua!!!*
Me:'Officemate-2' is also Nalayak!!
Mobile: (Again the same way) 'Officemate-2' is also Nalayak!!
Me:'Officemate-3' is also Nalayak!!
Mobile:'Officemate-3' is also Nalayak!!

(Me *Happy happy*)

Me: Mein kitani achchhi hu!!!
Mobile- *The cartoon nodded his head in negative* (What the heck!!)
Me: 'Mein itnii achchi hu!!
Mobile *The cartoon laughs!!!!!* (Double what the heck!!)

*Officemate-1,2,3 laughs*
Me *Fumes* :/

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