September 25, 2011

I 'hate'!

  • I hate people who think 'Guys can drink but Girls should not'! The real thing is 'Should not' holds true for both logically!
  • I hate when people lie, at the same time pretend to share his/her life-stories!
  • I hate when people don't respect other's time!! I really don't like and so people get scared of me!! :p
  • I hate when people just do things for 'show off'!
  • I hate those people who think a girl should get permission to do certain things.. Basically related to clothes! Why not to train your daughters such,which will make herself think what is Good/sober and worst! About your daughter-in-law, trust her if she is coming from a good family..She will dress sober enough not to cut your nose!! Wearing jeans and kurtis are decent enough than wearing revealing sarees!!! Anytime!
  • I hate to hate people too!! :P
Disclaimer: My thoughts! My ethics!! Clearly!!You are free to disagree!

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