September 4, 2011

Teacher's day special!!...

So some days before i saw a board at a shop 'Teacher's day cakes available'!! Hurray!! It clicked my mind that it is coming very soon!! PS: A long post awaiting!!

I here by take this opportunity to convey my 'Pranam' and regards to all my teachers and mentors!

I will start from the 'start' of my schooling!

Being in a Gandhiyan as well a vernacular medium school , We used to call our teacher 'Ben' till 4th STD! For all non-gujaratis over here who make fun of 'ben' and 'bhai' suffix , I will clear it out those are the most reputed words in Gujarat!! They are not at all funny!...

In 'Balmandir' (KGs) - Kokilaben and Nirupamaben ... I used to call 'Niru paua' ben due to my inability to talk properly when I was in full form!! :P My dad still teases me on 'this'!! :) They are persons who made me sing , dance, talk, paint...

In 'Balvidhyalaya' (1std to 4th std) - Parmita ben: What to tell about her!! She is my most favorite teacher till date! She made me smile while coming to school.. I used to cry literary when papa used to come to drop me! She used to tie my belt of the frock so lovingly!! She still pulls my cheeks!! yes... Still whenever I meet her!...She gave me primary 'Akshar Gyan'! :)

Nimishaben: Stories Stories and Stories... I became a passionate reader in her tenure! She actually invented  'talkativeness' in me!! :)

Bhanuben : Yes.. Kids of 9-10 years cried when she retired!! She had such an aura we were ready to fail to be in her class!!!

Neha mam.. (Here comes an era of calling all our teachers 'mam'!! : She used to teach history and Gujarati.. Amazing story teller! I was deeply into love with books! and for those who never fell in love with books she was the most strict person!!.. She made me perform classical dances on the stage!! :)

Mrudula mam: She made me sing , She made me a classical singer for 4 years! She cried when I left singing for the sake of my studies and Bharatnatyam!! She (at the age of 70 now) is all ready to teach me again if I shift to Ahmedabad!!! :)

Jagdish Pathak sir : We used to call him 'JaPa' sir... He used to teach us Gujarati and English.. With always diverting a topic (Vishayantar in his language!) ,he made sure we loved his lectures like anything!! He made us dream about our career!!!

Jhala sir : I am out of words to express what 'Jhala sir' stands for Technical students of our school. He was an HOD of technical studies , He is a Legend.. He is GOD.. I have never ever seen such a skilled teacher even in My 1948 born college!! He made me passionate about Mechanical Engg , He made me learn technical subjects so well that I always topped 2 years of my college without studying- only teaching my batch mates!! :) A youtube video captured by one of CNites ,while he was busy with his morning walk and it had got some billions super likes from other students!!! WE OWE OUR LIFE AND CAREER TO YOU , SIR!!

Archana mam: English teacher again who always pushed us to study science subjects and top! Who taught us English in such a way that I never had to read an extra hour after lectures!! I was the most favorite student and later on she became my cousin's mother-in-law!! :) The world is so small!! :)

My father: The person who made me 'opinionated'!! I fight with him for my opinions and lastly accept my defeat!!:P  He is the person who makes me think long term!.. He is my role model and He is my life.. Why knowledge and practical skills are important, he has made me realize! I struggle to think from his level of mind!!!  I am a total Papa's daughter when it comes to INDIA, ENGINEERING AND ETHICS!

During  11th STD to college finale year , There are so many teachers who shaped my life!! I really want to tell them , YOU ALL ARE CREATORS OF OUR LIFE! With all my heart and soul , please accept my PRANAM...

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