September 14, 2011

When you are of 23!!...

'Beta , Koi hai to bata de, humein problem nahi hai'!! (From aunties obviously!! for no reasons!)

'Beta,Koi nahi hai to dekhna chalu kare?' (Yeah !!The ultimate Goal !)

'I am telling you.. Please study!! Don't waste your talent!!' (Mugambo Khush hua!!!)

'Actually its the right age! Achche ladake milate kahan hai?' (What?!23??!)

'Oh please!! Its like a child marriage!! Abhi chhoti hai'!! (Hmmm from brothers and uncles!!,Again Mugambo khush hua!! Bahot khush hua!!)

'Abhi tak koi mila nahi kya??!' (Yaaar!! Kahani filmy nahi hai baba!!)

'Beta, Kitane saal hue job karte hue!!' (If from an aunty's mouth ,Khatare ki ghanti!!)

'One of my family friends are from your state!' (Uncle par ab mera mental 'state' bigad raha hai!')

'Can you cook?? wow!! Kitne saal ki ho??' (No child labour aunty!! Meri mummane sab sikhaya hai!!)

'I am telling you...Get engaged and study'!! (Oh....Something inbetween!!)

'Wese 24 k baad ask your parents to find a nice guy!! Bechara..' (Means what ha!!)

'Tera Swayamvar karte hai!' (Oh please!! I am filmy but not Serial-y!)

'Mujhe lagata hai tujhe USA ka ladaka milega as you don't want to settle down there!' (Shrap will also come like a boomerang ,dude!!)

'Tujhe Mumbai ka ladaka chahie kya? Can you give me your mom's number beta?' (What??Noooo!)

Hmmm... The list is still going on.. The only positive feeling about the list is 'I am quite Popular and loved/cared the most!!' Yeyeye!!

But I am JUST 23 ok!!!

PS: My Mumma-Papa -Not part of this list!! double Yuppy!


  1. Thank God!! guys are not in the line of fire till they turn 25-26 !!!

  2. Heh - wait till you get surreptitiously "introduced" to random guys at marriage parties where everyone is grinning and keeping an eye on you while the guys looks as dumbfounded as you :D

  3. Oh no!!I cant imagine!! But thats for sure , I wont be the 'dumbfounded'...May be, I will be laughing Out loud at those Grinning aunties! :P :P