September 12, 2011

Chasing Cheesecake...Aha!

To make my dream come true , I started chasing my cheese cake..As it is said God helps them who help themselves!! Hmmm.....right!

I started asking some people about cheese cakes and where can I find one in Mumbai!..

The nearest place was still quite far for me :( But, finally got the nearest cake shop ,...Just 5 mins away!! Hurray!

I called up my 'nearest' friends (Geographically!!) to accompany me!..Yes they came  and we became popats when the shop keeper told us that we have to order the cheese cake!!..What the hell???...Yes... In India cheesecakes are not very famous...So...shuh!!

I smsed my brothers that I want to eat them at any cost!!! Huh..Panga with me!!!

I got a call from 2 friends from USA to whom I asked to send 'Cheese cakes' shamelessly and one of them googled also to find the nearest place!! Offered to order but I refused to give the address...I am not so so so shameless :P :P

The next day I declared 'Cheese cake chasing'!! Unfortunately I dint get time to even order till 4 PM..But luckily got the perfect address for the coooolest and yummiest ever cheesecake!!... I made 2 of my friends to accompany me in my 'chasing' and what we relished is shown below!! Yeyeyeyey!! :)

Cheessssssse cake!!! :)
With the never-ever-had-this-pleasure state of mind I finally chased my dream!! Yupppy!!!


  1. Cheesecake!!! :D
    I still remember the first time I tasted one. Apple Cinnamon cheesecake. Oh. My. God!

  2. Hehehe!! You are adding up flavours in my list and I am fighting to get them in INDIA!! :(

  3. it was amzin...too good.....