September 29, 2011

Points I noted-29.09.2011

  • My best best best friend and my brother had his last day in my office..One more best friend and then one more leaving in a very very few days.. I am super sad!!! But damn happy for their future!
  • In life some people teach you such values you carry them all life... I have started identifying them :)
  • Missing Navaratri at Ahmedabad so so badly...
  • Going for Garba in coming days!! Guys please don't cut my nose and come to the celebration! :)
  • Photography,Technical detailing are subjects I have to improve!!! Bubbles you need to buck up!
  • I need to take care of my fitness badly!!! Migraines you are out of my life now :) I hope!
  • I badly want to watch 'Jane bhi do yaaro' & 'DDLJ'!! :)
  • Hey those 3 friends leaving my office, Is there any possibility for you to come back? :(
  • I am looking forward to a Diwali vacation!! :)
  • I don't want to throw any surprise farewell parties :P
  • Bubble's babbling needs to be decreased  :P Decode if you can!!
  • I want to pamper myself for sometime now with a break!!!!!!!!!

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