September 5, 2011

Shadi season coming up...

So by this year end and January... Lots of my friends-office mates getting married!!..

Being the youngest one I will be having the privilege of attending each and every marriage irrespective of places and time :)  Hurray!!! Thankfully no overlapping of functions!! :)

So, I have lots of things to do and a real busy-hectic schedule coming up..

  • For all would-be-brides : Shopping!!! For brides as well me!!
  • Selecting Gifts for all of them!! (I know, you find it silly but its a tough job!!)
  • Finding girls of all my still-single-seniors!! ;)
  • Planning my calendar as well planning for tickets!!! :( A really tough job!!
I am determined to do all my jobs properly and flaunt fully in all marriages!!

My wishes to all would-be-brides and grooms... (Manjhe navara ani navari!!! :P )


  1. hahahah, i hate shopping!! :P

  2. Well I cant comment!! :P I am moody for shopping! :)