September 28, 2011

Kutto ke samane mat 'Jana'..

Got an sms referring to the famous dialogue of SHOLEY... 'Basanti...In kutto ke samane mat nachna...'

Whenever I hear this 'K' word.. I remember several Ks in my life.. Hang on!! Real Dogs!!!

1. Pepsi-Cola
The opposite bungalow at my old place had ,a dog due,- Mother dog was Pepsi & the son was Cola..(I never ever thought of sacrificing both drinks though!!:P).. Pepsi was shant enough and Cola was the don of the galli.. He used to bark all the time.. Especially if the ball we are playing will go near the samnewala ghar!! Khauf hua karta tha!! In fact I remember days when while peeping from the window I used to check if Cola is outside the ghar or inside :P It doesn't mean I was not scared of Pepsi... Both of them were Cute ones (I dont know the name of the caste!-the puffy kind of from Hum apake hai kaun... Though I loved the puppy in the film!)

No no he was not adopted by a Bangla family!! I think it was named after a 'mixer maker' local company!!
It was adopted by the other neighbour of mine and did I mention he was the real brother of Cola?Though he never barked on me!! (Credit goes to my masi who loved him!) I remember he was bugged by a cat :P that too galli ki!! But he was a puppy dog that time! :p He used to bark when I used to park my cycle! :(

The female dog again the daughter of Pepsi!! Was far away from my home so never ever harassed by her!But I remember one day she attacked me without my fault!! :(

A society Secretary (A very kind person) had a very dangerous doberman!!! Opposite to his name, He was scary and he was as tall as I was some years back!! Always scaring us!! Damn, we used to run away as if a monster is coming to eat us up!!! He never ever let us play near his adda!!!

5. Society k bhataku kutte
Most scary types of.One was black and he had one leg not working properly... Most dangerous one!! Other dogs were also there in the gang. While walking in all gallsi any time they used to attack!! My chants of 'om namah shivay:' became regular from the time I was told by some one that it will protect me from the gang!!: P

6.The dog I met yesterday!
Yeah I was attacked by a dog (A barking one!) so badly that I screamed and shivered.. and made my friend also scream who was walking beside me!! :P I hate you kutte... (Not the friend..Okay?)

So I hereby warn you all people... Jo jesa bhi ho...


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