September 25, 2011

I 'love'

  • I love games!! Badminton , cricket to football!! Suddenly!! Thanks to the environment I am living in!
  • I love mujjiiic!!! I love my I-pod to the core! Will any one tell me how to re-install I-tunes on windows 7!! I tried and cried my lungs out to update my ipod!
  • I want 'Dhunaki' song on my I-pod now!!
  • I love all rakhadpatti as in bhatakana!! :P
  • I am running out of ideas for throwing surprise parties birthdays or farewells!
  • I love love and love 'Senorita' song!! & Hrithik Roshan in it!! :)
  • I love to cook sometimes!! :)
  • I love my life now-a-days!! I plan and sometimes- impromptu visits to places and people!!
  • I love to follow my ethics now!!
  • I love shopping also ! But very very moody for shopping!! :P
  • I love reading.. Next books on my shelf : Mehula, Paths of glory!! :)
PS: I think 2-3 people were shocked to see the first post of the week! So this one is on a positive note!!

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