September 26, 2011


In school I was one of the most serious and sincere student (upto 4th std)to a bit 'shaitan' (upto 7th) to the biggest 'Tofani' (Mischievous) girl in the class. There was a gradual increment in the 'Shaitani' element in me!!

When I joined Technical class (We had a separate class opting technical subjects in 8th to 10th std) I actually started being tom-boyish , sports loving and yeah not to forget a 'prankster'!

I had hidden lunch boxes of my friends to harass them..
I had made one of my friendseat 'danhi' in strawberry (what the heck!) just as she hates 'danhi'!!!
I used to fight with guys in 7th std so badly for a volley ball net!!
I used to chadhaofy other serious pranksters of technical class (read guys!)..
I made a very decent impression on teachers and students used to grin!! :P
I fought with a classmate of mine (Yeah we were in the same class and school from Jr.KG to 12th std!) so badly for 14 years and now we are bestest of friends! :)
I have some 2-3 friends who will always come to me , when I will fight with the above guy and made us shant!
I had got a chance to stab one of my dushman gang-member in a drama!! (wow!!! with a ti-tu types knife)
I always used to do dadagiri on guys for benches or lab-machines!

My prankster dimag was falofied in Mechanical Engg (I was the single girl in my class!) with guys and the graph is still going up! :P The saga of college fun will be in a post some day! :) School fun was silly and college fun was crappy I bet!! :P

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