April 23, 2016

S for Sister (In-Law)

Unlike those 'Nanads' who burn their 'Bhabhis' hands with hot boiling water in Bollywood movies my Sister-in-law only makes me wait outside the house if I ring the bell and she is the only person at home- sitting on the sofa-doing something while acting to ignore me royally for a few minutes.

With this 'wicked' and fun sister in law- I do things which I never did before, with any of my cousins.(My real younger brother refuse to do any of such sharing activities which I can do with sisters.)

Something which I have missed in my childhood and teen age because most of the cousins I have are either too young for my age or they are taller than me or they just have different taste! Hence the sister-sharing thing never happened. Sharing with my brother was restricted to sweets which he loves.Oh wait that was the barter deal- as one small bowl of salad in his dish used to become mine if I share that small piece of sweet! Well, I digress. So, we share accessories, scarves ,hair dryers, perfumes.In fact, like true sisters we used to share the room as well when Mr.ISB was in Pune for six months!

I'm one prankster and every friend of mine knows this. Well, I have got one real one in my family now, if I do not count my mother and my brother in. This girl has gifted me a real sadakchhap shringar kit which had a dirty-cheap looking Mangal sutra, sindoor, lipstick, bindipack and kajal, on my birthday before the wedding! Moreover, she wanted me to apply/wear all of them so I can click a picture and send it to her!!She calls a bar our mind spa and often makes me drink to see if I get high or not! (Well, I do not like the taste of any such drinks apart from Mojito and some wines!) Needless to say when we three kids of the family go to the bar, Mr.ISB never drinks alcohol.

Our love for Fawad:
Yeah, this love for him is so strong that she actually said that she doesn't mind if Fawad chooses me over her, to get married (again!) because 'Chalon hum dono meinse kisiko to Fawad Mila!' When we discuss or watch his Telefilms or dramas we conveniently forget that I am married to her real brother and Fawad is married too!

Complimenting Each Other:
Now where our frequencies don't match we compliment each other. As lame it sounds, she is okay with managing kitchen sans cleaning while I am okay with cleaning things up when our maid decides to enjoy a vacation,putting mom-in-law in a panic mode! She loves mess and I love organizing stuff but we both have strike a balance to organize a mess. *If you understand what I mean!*

Night Time Discussions:
So after dinner once in a while, when we get our own space we put up crazy videos on Chrome Chast and laugh rolling on the floor. We talk in a nonsensical way where two sentences might not even co-relate with each other. When Mr.ISB was not in the town we had managed to survive long laughter attacks waking up mom dad in the bedroom at 12 in the night.

Kitchen Chronicles:
We can make tasty dishes together but most of the times we create 'topics' to discuss just to fade of the boredom off which gets induced by making Chapatis or similar staple dishes. She is one of those few persons I have allowed to be in the kitchen when I try a new recipe.

She is the one who asks me to slow down in my 'planned' life. It makes sense too. When I overdo something she points it out. She is the one who inspire me to take care of myself when I go into a self destructive mode. She has this unique brain where she can bifurcate important and not so important stuff clearly which I lack. Needless to say she inspires me every time she does that.

Our love for her Brother:
It goes without saying that we both love him,but we also Kosofy him together when we get pissed off by him! We both hate his one random word response to our 'touched the moon' excitement. We do irritate him together by our constant chatting many a times. We manage to discuss his act of sticking his butts to his favorite sofa. When I get into a tiff with her brother, this sister gets into the hibernation and when she fights with her brother I try to do the same.

Yes,I confess I'd never thought getting a sister-in-law would be so much fun even when I had no bias against the community of Sister-in-laws. She made it too easy for me to adjust to the family which anyway was not really tough. My sister-in-law is the sister I never got before!

Let me put this way,

 She is the best wedding gift I got on (and before) my wedding!


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