April 4, 2016

C for Cold

Oh,The Perennial Cold. Since 2013.

I am allergic to something. AC, Food, Pollen, Pollution- we do not know. The stuffy nose or the leaking nose is the main trait once I catch the allergen in my body. It gets complimentary sneezing attacks once in a while which subside only after taking Anti Histamine. I rarely get burning sensation in my throat but headaches are by products for sure. Lately my nostrils have decided to give me difficulties in breathing which means I have to use my mouth to breath which impacts my chit chat and hence mood!

So,Ladies and Gentlemen C can not be for anything else than 'COLD' because it is C for 'Constant' in my life!

Medicines, noting down habits, steam, turmeric milk, scarf while going out,avoiding dust while cleaning home- nothing seems to be working to stop these bouts. Medicines and steam give me some moments to relax(and to inhale using nostrils) but than in a few hours, if lucky-in a few days cold would strike back.

Pune,Singapore. Ahmedabad, Mumbai - I changed places. Cold is  the constant companion every where. 

What am I planning to sustain and survive through  this phenomenon which seems to be a life time partner?

- Take Himalaya Septaline to finish the dose. My ENT aunt who used to ask me to take these tablets every day for three months has stopped telling me this. Which means it is high time to stick to the treatment and not leave it in between which I have done almost five times in last three years.

- Take steam every night so that my nostrils try to behave while I get some good night sleep.

- Ignore comments on my super small sharp noise by friends,  Mr.ISB and the Sister-In-Law. :D (I have super small nose and even smaller nostrils and so cold creates serious breathing difficulties - A theory by my Pune friend!)

- Eat Ice creams. Not eating them is not helping as well. 

- Avoid Sugar which I am not doing AT ALL. *Yah Allah Takat De* *Drooling on thoughts of that Cheesecake I had last weekend*

-Sing songs. Honestly, my voice wears some very interesting 1950s-Brand-Nasal-Texture and so 'Bhawara Bada Nadaaan haaaay...'..

-Brownie points on  catching cold: Have more Adarakh wali chai... (Oh, did I tell you my colleague who is a fan of super mild tea calls my 'cold speal tea',Panipuri Ka Pani!) 


-Work out. I might sound insanely illogical but when I used to jog regularly I had comfortably elongated the period between two cold attacks. The logic says this can not be true as my cold is due to my body being allergic to something! But if it is true,I should work out regularly.

Any suggestion in making cold some fun for me?

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  1. For me it has to be C for Cough... Similar things.. try all medicines.. from the doctor.. home remedies.. But its like bin bulaye mehmaan.. It comes when it wants and leaves when it wants :)