April 6, 2016

E for e-mails, ah Emails

Confused about the capital 'E' while spelling the e-mail but the geeky me is really fine with 'e-mail'.

They are connections to different pieces of my heart - big and small,scattered globally. I am not exaggerating. People addicted to writing letters to special ones would know the feeling. Because,I write mails often.To some or the other person I care about. (If you are one of them, lucky you!)

Writing to people brings joy and comfort to me. I feel closer and the distance vanishes. My inhibitions about discussing certain things directly some how disappear and I talk straight from my heart, albeit through the keyboard and the medium of e-mails. I really do not expect people to reply because I would imagine them talking to me when I click on that 'send' button. If they reply, which generally happens I do feel like that kid who just won a big fluffy teddy bear! Every single time.

No,in fact it is like chit-chatting over a cup of Adarakhwali chai sitting in a balcony while it drizzles outside. Even the joy of blogging does not come closer.

Well,I do not mail any other person every now and then. I pick special ones from my life and never let them go out of touch. That one tool which helps me immensely in maintaining these relationships, in fact the only tool is an e-mail. Phone calls and Whatsapp are great but in today's fast paced life they are not sustainable. If I want that quality time with people I want to be in touch with, I would prefer e-mails over phone calls or any video or messaging services. Unless they are  your parents or spouse - video calls,phone calls and messages eventually becomes a hassle. (Special Occasions deserve Skype,phone calls or the best - facet to face meetings!)

I can not thank enough to  Sayesha Didi and Xena for coming back with lovely e-mails, Singapore room mates for those witty one liners, Frock buddy N for that Hi Hello, my aunt from USA for listening to me without getting tired through e-mails. Ah, I forgot Mr.ISB - the man behind the habit. Yes, he unknowingly made me pick this habit because 'Love' had to happen by e-mails?

You guys make my e-mails alive :) And So I kick in! :)

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