April 22, 2016

R for Revamp

Our lives need revamps every few years/months. These revamps either happen naturally due to age/experience or people bring it to themselves for  good. As and when we grow old, challenges change, situations change and if we behave too snobbish to change ourselves it does not always do the good. Now revamps when I mention here, is a positive change in life. I've a few for myself- either already initiated or collecting my courage to make them happen.

Wardrobe Revamp: 
Because I've been always too lazy to shop offline since long. I have tried buying quality clothes and shoes splurging money but always tend to forget that daily usage can also perish them which is inevitable. So in a few months I have to move my ass again to the mall to help myself dress up smarter. I have no patience for online shopping but lately I feel it is more convenient than to waste my day amidst saving myself from scorching heat, jam packed malls, traffic and freeing up a day for the heroic task. After giving this explanation when I feel better now, I must admit I have to buy formals wear, casual clothes, night wears, formal shoes, sports shoes, a yoga rug and what not. None of these mentioned things in my wardrobe are in a good shape to use. Only the Maha traditional ones are worth wearing, which are nicely hanging on those hangers which rarely get out of the closet when some one decides to get married.

Work out Revamp:
This is something I've been working upon since two weeks. I used to walk a lot. A LOT. Home to station and station to home- 40 minutes minimum in a day. Then the summer arrived and the comfort went to the trash. Sweating and heat penetrating into the skin got me exhausted in an unhealthy way.Finally I decided to be less Ziddi and started exploring options to switch my work out to activities like walking/running/dancing/yoga. Options were many but the habit of sleeping at 12.30 am did not help me out. So, the mission 'Revamp' started with a lot of brain storming and ended up on doing everything at home! Haah. Now, people feel when we work out at home, work out becomes too casual but hey, for me dancing is never casual! And so a Yoga and Dancing session every day like no one is watching - has become my workout. I get a drop to the station from home and the return journey is generally through a hired taxi. If I do not get the taxi I walk but as it is late evening, it is not too exhausting.

Food Revamp:
I'm loosing hair, my skin has become too dull and if I look back at my diet it is clearly the root cause. I need to consume more leafy vegetables, less cooked stuff, a lot of protein. These are not my words, these are doctor's words when I asked her on call about it. I need to grab a big bowl of salad every single day- a sum of what we all family members eat as of now. I need to grab a fruit or two every day, which I have started to follow. My intake of sprouts has reduced to zero. Need the revamp at any cost. Smoothie or no smoothie, I need to incorporate greens in my meals.

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