April 21, 2016

Q for Questions

Why is my damn back paining so much even when I work out?
Why the hell this scorching sun does not go away?
Oh my god, the cook is on vacation, life is a lot like hell. What to do?
Should I dance, dance or dance?
Oh this road from station to office, why dont you be friends with trees?
Why do I hate dressing up so much suddenly?Wait, time for a wardrobe change?
Well, should I go to a temple? Why do I feel so?
Why do I need a break from socializing when I'm really social?
When should I go to my home town to see my mom?
Why do I feel so hungry?
Why am I getting so exhausted?
Wow, did I ever know I would get such an interesting assignment to do?
Am I drinking enough water?
Should I walk from the station to home?
Why am I not getting the damn tea!?
Why am I enjoying being alone so much?Is it the super hectic day?
Should I deep clean the room to stop sneezing?
Should I ask dad to courier his favorite vacuum cleaner which I secretly wish to be mine?
Why am I so tired to go for shopping?
Oh man,I do not have enough formal clothes! What should I wear tomorrow?
Should I start taking dance classes?

They never end. Questions.

Do you question yourself,like I do? All the time?

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