April 6, 2016

F for Fruits

Yes,life can not be tastier without them.I am a big- nope a BIG lover of fruits. Spread them on the table and there would not be any if you leave us alone! I bet.

My love for fruits started early. My mom tells me that my first ever food-love was nothing cooked but fruits - raw fruits after Butter Milk, which made my mom a bit happy as her pre-mature baby otherwise used to throw every other food molecules out showing her tongue hundred times a day. I give credits to dad for that. Not for puking out stuff but for giving me this love for fruits genetically. Even fruit rules- I am coming to that. (The other thing he gave me genetically is my skin which I do not really like-otherwise I am almost a CC of my mom!)

I (We-me and dad) have laid out some rules in my food-life when it comes to fruits. No matter what, I never break them.

-Fruits can not be cut and served unless it is absolutely necessary.For example we can not bite a water melon. We can but should not. Cutting apples and serving is a crime.
-One can not say NO to fruits ever,if offered. It is an insult to me and fruits.
-Cut fruits in a lunch box is as good as eating pizza. You get nothing out of them.
-One CAN'T add salt or any spice on fruits and offer to me. I might not even touch them.
-One can not have them in flavored cakes. It does not even count. Fruit cakes kill them. Sin.
-Fruits can not be disliked. Any fruit for that matter. The only fruit I refuse to eat is a jack fruit.More because I have been taught by my parents that I am allergic to it with a good amount of severity.
-If you go to Europe and do not bring me dried fruits (without Sugar and Salt) I might not talk to you.
-One can not spoil the fun of having watermelon or oranges by taking each seed out while eating. Eat them. They are super healthy.


If you see fruits or  a fruit lying any where at home,one should not just look at it. Gobble and Eat.


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  1. My favourite fruit is jackfruit...
    And I like to have seedless grapes next to me while reading a book... pop one at a time and enjoy... any day better than chips