April 27, 2016

V is for Vacation

Have you heard about House rules? What about Vacation Rules? In fact I do have, but I try not to chase them but fit in while planning for one. Once you start with it, things must flow and so should the enjoyment!

  • Vacations should occur exactly when you need a break. Now this one is mostly not possible but sometimes people do magic for you!
  • Vacations for me are less of the luxury and more of exploring the place. Guess what, I love AirBnB because of the reason.Cheaper on our pocket too!
  • Local food should be included for more than two three times in the itinerary if you have a planned one. Vegetarians need to do a bit of searching but now a days being 'Vegan' is in Vogue and at least one or two places would be there in the place you are. I've also been a big fan of small grocery shops - similar to 7*11. One would always get local fruit flavored Yogurt, fruits and breads.
  • History and stories around, are essential for me when on vacation. They make you know the city, you are visiting a little better. The psychology of the city always has the roots in them. I regret a lot about my trip to Europe in the childhood, which happened first and my interest for world war two grew later.
  • There should be two vacations in a year.One should be a long one depending on our own comfort. Another one-may be a gateway type. Two vacations keep me sane. A little bit less insane - would put it that way.
  • Road trips. Some day I want to go by road, in our own car or a rented one and explore things which can not be discovered while sitting in a train or a bus or even a cab. I do not know driving and so pestering others do drive for me is not good. Hence, I have to learn driving.Period.
  • I love clicking photos and if I do not get pissed off by people pestering me to shoot them, I do a good job or atleast try to do so. Bulky SLRs are a big problem but then it is one of the trade offs you make in a vacation. Some vacations need a camera and some would do with a phone camera.
  • A vacation should cover maximum of three cities and not more if, it is two weeks long. I do not want to touch and leave ten cities in ten days. That is not how globe trotters travel!

Do you like vacations? What kind of a vacation do you love?

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