April 5, 2016

D for Distance

Physical Distance.Not the emotional one. Distance was always a part of my life after I left my home town to join my first company. Straight out of collage, raw talent and soft heart but the brave mind which can at the end of the day manage ill effects of that physical distance.

-Distance shows the real value of the relationship.
-Distance tests the relationship. Long distant friendships are some times stronger many a times.
-Distance gives that space which is required to introspect yourself. Understand yourself.
-Distance makes you independent. So that particular relationship is a lot more than the obligation or the dependence.
-Distance teaches you to be sane.
-Distance brightens up your life and expands your horizon.Because you have experiences from the other land too!
-Distance teaches you to be patient.

Today, when Mr.ISB is leaving for Denmark for Sixty days (and not Ninety, yeye!) I need to re-read all those observations I have made in life so far about the Distance.

Distance is good. Only if it is for Sixty days. Okay?

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