April 20, 2016

P for Parallel

#Parallel world.To be precise #

Relative-1: Oh,come to our city for four-five days, as now toh you are totally free.(Referring to Mr.ISB's Denmark Deputation)
Me: Oh I do not have Saturdays off so I'm not that free to travel to another city but would try for sure.

In the parallel world..

Me: My husband does not make me work all the day also he is not my boss at work. So his being out of country does not really make me 'Totally' free. 


Relative-2: Poor girl. On her birthday her husband is not there. It would be difficult for her to stay alone with in-laws.
Me: I enjoy wherever I am! Also my in-laws are awesome people and I'm enjoying my day.

In the Parallel world..

Me: I have spent 3/4th of my life without my husband, big deal if he is not there. You don't have to remind me all the time that he is out of country. Also unlike daughter-in-laws of those daily soaps my life is supported by every one from my husband's family.


Relative-1 telling my MIL while she is stuffing cabbage, beans and cheese in Nachos for him..

Relative 1: This is my wife and my daughter's department. I don't do anything. (Pride in the air)
Me: Hmmmm

In the Parallel world..

Me: That is not exactly to be proud of. May be doing such small things for yourself would teach your daughter two things about independence and gender equality. 


Aunty: Why do pregnant girls now a days don't eat properly. The child would get affected.
Me: Hmmmm *Better to finish the topic then and there!*

In the Parallel world..

Me: Haaan Haan, You were never worried about the girl's health before. Not eating properly is not good for the girl first. Why do you aunties always care only for the unborn child. Both are precious. 


The Parallel world is where I unmask.

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