April 25, 2016

T for Tea-mate

I have developed a very weird  extreme taste for tea and it is liked tolerated by not many people. Specially the people with very sensitive health . My mother and my brother hate tea of my taste because both are not at all comfortable with the amount of spice it has. So its only dad who loves /enjoys tea made by me with yours truly singing 'Tujhko Mirchi Lagi To Mein Kya Karoo' for the rest of my family in Ahmedabad.

After wedding it is my Dad-in-law who loves spicy tea with a lot of ginger, a pinch of cinnamon, very little sugar and green tea leaves if available. My Sister-In-Law and Mother-in-Law, both have delicate stomachs which creates acidity and hence daily it becomes a tussle between both parties on which kind of tea to make-Spicy or super dull with only a pinch of brown color.

I generally don't make my type of the tea when guests are home,true to the Bhav of Atithi Devo Bhava as I do not like silent curses given after two hours of the tea-drinking session.  :D

Yesterday I got a shocker. When my Dad-in-Law's eldest sister came home.She is almost of my Grandmother's age, may be younger by 5-6 years and not more.The super cheerful, strong willed and well read lady she is, was suppose to have tea-snacks at home. I always get nervous when I talk about food or cook food for her as she is the Tarla Dalal of our family (like my own grandmother again!) and my MIL very well knows this.It was quite a shocker when my MIL asked me to make tea for her - that too my type! Her exact words were 'Make tea of your taste, exact. Do not compromise with the taste.'My Dad-in-law also agreed silently.

Now, I was nervous and confused. She is old and after 70 people rarely like extreme tastes.Nonetheless I managed to make super spicy tea- Full of Masala which I procured all the way from my hometown-exactly from the firm who is specialized in herbs, spices and pulses since decades. (This masala is not for faint-hearts. It has dry ginger, pepper, Shankhpushpi, Mulethi, Tulsi and Lavang. Very very little amount of the mixture is needed for making tea in comparison with other mixes we get in the market)

I was mentally prepared to add some milk and sugar in the tea as I knew how Kadak  chai it was. To my utter dismay, she loved it.

She loved it! The Sakshat Annapurna of my family loved the tea. My types of the tea!

Overjoyed I was, I am. It is an understatement.

I guess, she is by far the oldest tea-mate I have got.

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