April 15, 2016

M for Messages *A Birthday Post!*

So as I mentioned here, I was not really excited for the day and the eternally optimistic funny person in me could not decided on any plans to make it fun.Disappointments were slowly gripping me and the day arrived.

Midnight calls and messages were few as I do not keep my birthdays 'Public' on Social Media platforms. People who cared and remembered my birthday would any way call or chat by the time day ends and that is what matters the most.

This time calls were special because Mr.ISB skyped and was the first one to wish! Cherry on the top was my Sister-In-Law calming my anxiety of 'How to react when some one wishes' while being there with me -Personally! Cheesing over the Pizza (If that is understood) was a long phone call from my younger brother who seldom expresses feelings and he called at 12.30 pm! (Oh that  6 feet tall super irritating toddler is growing up!) My bro buddy of course did not miss my birthday at 12.

Now most of the people who know me well,know I do not really like loosing my sleep due to long phone calls even when I do feel like not stopping them. So, of course my parents and a few old friends would NEVER call me midnight. This works well as it balances my energy levels.So I really could sleep properly to start afresh the next morning.

Office started well and with one of the directors not wishing me at all even when we were constantly chatting for work! He was being different than usual but when he took out a bunch of Dairy Milk Silks and hand it over to me (Sent by his kids!) I realized he was just trying to irritate me. Cake cutting and painting my face with a spoon full of chocolate cream (Sober guys in 40s I tell you, spoon because they don't really have to touch me!Bwahahahahah) was done with a lot of fun. After lunch we headed to South Bombay for an exhibition which ended up with a lot of laughter attacks, silly photo sessions and walking for half and hour hunting for one damn Lassiwala from the childhood memories of that same director.(Please note: We could not spot him!) The tired gang finally took an Uber back to the office with spicy tangy Bhel and Lemonade. I left the office with a warm feeling which calmed me down further as I thought with night the nervousness which had not appeared ye would appear in an intense fashion. I did not know what was there in store for the birthday girl!

When I entered home I had no idea I would be given the cutest birthday gifts I could ever get from in-laws side family! I was presented a bundle of letters from who's who living in Mumbai with a big card prepared by my Sister-in-law and Dad-in-law! Letters were from my Mom-in-law, Dad-in-Law, eldest paternal Aunt-in-law, two cousins, Maternal Aunt-in-law, two best of best friends and my little nephew!  5 out of 9 letters were specifically written in pure Gujarati for my love for the language which was a super special surprise for me. (My MIL I always new is proficient in the language but the pro-face of dad was never known to me. These letters are going to be precious for me, forever! Efforts taken by my local extended family members made me feel so goood! My little nephew's message with cute smileys and her mom's message brought some fresh air from the younger generation of the extended family. My two best friends what should I say (one gave a promotion to me by making me her toddler's Masi and the other refuses to grow up and get married), what would I do without them!

Apart from these collected letters, I got warm messages from my favorite Aunty from USA, my mom and dad from back home. I should not forget fun conversation with Singapore friends and Frock Buddy N as without them I do not believe my birthday can turn into a special deal.

But... The bestest of the  best part of the birthday came in two sub-parts. A really really witty yet warm  mail from Mr.ISB (which he wrote after an era and was long due!) and A super funny letter from my Sister-In-Law describing how we sister-less pupils have got sisters in each other-and other embarrassing facts of my persona! :D

I think the best gift one can ever give to a person is personalized messages.Long ones preferred, for people who can write!

Because Messages can make you feel more special like nobody's business!

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