April 18, 2016

N for Now

That is the 28th birth day gift I want to gift to myself. The power of NOW and when you do something NOW- you win situation right there. Basically NOW will wash off your POP (Paaps Of Procrastination)

I have been a bit successful  this year in doing things which I really really want to but some scary activities like driving and swimming (to Mr.ISB's dismay) are still there in my pending list. Oh in fact there are zillions of things I wish to do but then I have managed to do only a few. This year I want to push myself to do such things NOW.

  1. Learn Calligraphy. Now, learning it means you need a tutor which blocks my tiny calendar. So, Youtube can be one of the options I want to explore.
  2. Creating Fun Birthday cards for people I love. I used to do this religiously a few years back. This has to be started again.
  3. Host minimum three house dinner parties this year. Friends and a few cousins. I wish I can stop procrastinating for this.
  4. Well,exploring another land. This thing is on my cards already,thanks to Mr.ISB!
  5. I have been sleeping to less for some months now. I have tried to finish minimum seven hours of sleep since three four days.Let's see how this restless soul go about it.
  6. Peace of Mind. Anxiety is something which might fall on my face genetically and I have seen signs as well in myself. This has to be corrected. I should start NOW to change the way I handle such situation. (I am otherwise too brave and strong,seriously! -only if I see my parents/family suffer I panic. I used to escape from accepting the change noticed in me - I have accepted this now.)
  7. Expanding my ear-rings collection. 
  8. Cook a new dish every month. Even with only Sundays in my hand, I hope it is doable.
  9. Wardrobe make over. This has to be done. Or my own mother might kill me because my fashion conscious mother thinks my wardrobe has gone from boring to dull.Which my MIL also agrees but refrain from telling it on my face. The only person supporting me is Mr.ISB and my SIL.Kind of Unique Kaliyug.
  10. This is on top. Fitness. Frequent allergy attacks and decreased stamina needs to be worked upon. I am lost some weight but really problems need to be addressed apart from loosing some more weight. 

Enough for NOW :D

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