April 13, 2016

K for Kopi

Before you roll your eyes, think of me going nuts about taking up this A-Z blogging challenge and coming up with self made words- STOP! Because Coffee is Kopi in Malay. (Thank God for not calling it Coffee,Malaysia; I did not want to write about K serials of India!)

Very few things I miss from my life in Singapore. Kopi is one of them. The traditional Coffee you get in Malay coffee shops and they are highly underrated,I must tell you. Toast Box was one of the destinations I craved to go to whenever I would land up in the mall nearby when I was studying in Singapore. A visit to this place was like gifting myself some indulgence. Toast Boax is a chain there and I am sure I would have graced them all (outlets in the areas I visited )with my pawan kadam at least once.Now when I think about Singapore, I think about Toast Box as well. Every single time. (Are you listening to me, Toast Box?)

The aroma of a little dark coffee- roasted,aromatic and sweet in its own balanced way would capture you as soon as you enter. They would pour it directly from the hot kettle into the white vintage coffee mugs. Old photo frames, antique furniture and lovely chit chats around you-One can not feel lonely there. Of course, you wont like to miss delicious Peanut Butter and Kaya Toast as well. None of these mentioned jewels are available in India.My luck! I never forget how economical they were if I compare with super hyped Starbucks in Singapore.

Closest coffee I could find in India, is our very own Filter Coffee Filter Kapi! Living in a south Indian area in the Western region of the India, it is my pure good luck that I get to gulp a mug anytime I want. Every time I sip it, I remember miss the taste and the feel of Kopi in Toast Box.

May be Toast Box should start their KOPI if nothing else, in Mumbai?

And I promise to buy liters  of Kopi every week!Okay?

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