April 28, 2016

X is for Xerox

While reading my messages on his 'whatsapp' one of my colleagues (Call him V) who is one of the victims of leg pulling session we had a day back, jumped from his seat across the table. We all stared him for a while.Then he turned to me and asked,

V: Yeh kab hua?! (When did this happened)
 *Clueless I was about things he was talking about*

He showed my display thumbnail which was a childhood (rather a-new-born-baby-hood) of mine with my mom.I screamed at the top of my voice..

Me: "That is not me, that is my mom!"

He was shocked and opened the photo and not the thumbnail.Started laughing,

V: I thought the baby would be some one else's kid and I wanted to make fun of you being a mother of some toddler. But dude, You are the XEROX copy of your mom! 

Me:    :- ) 

Mom, you would not read this ever but whenever I see myself in the mirror I remember 'you' when I was a kid. Nothing in the world is as lovely as finding you in my own self.

Only when I throw a fit looking at the mess, I kind of question the DNA gifted by you!


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  1. I hope you will not mind this observation of mine. 'Xerox' is the name of a company which manufactures photocopiers. Another such company is Cannon. There are several such companies. Perhaps Xerox was the first company that introduced photocopiers in India. Just as in rural areas, people call any detergent manufactured by any company as 'Surf' which is manufactured by Hindustan UniLever , so also the term 'xerox copy' is used by a large number of people to mean 'photocopy'. The correct word is 'photocopy'.