April 8, 2016

H for Hyperactive

That is what describes me unless I am reading an interesting book, watching some really Suits or sleeping. Wait, the last one is really doubtful as when I get up majority of the times I felt as if I have been thinking deep while I was sleeping but still feel healthy.

I am hyperactive. To the extent of hurting myself. 

- I can not sit after getting ready for something. Be it some work or going out. It is just impossible for me to sit and watching clock to tick. 
- I can not sit at home for more than half a day. My mind starts planning something even when it would be a much needed break for me!
-I can not lie down just like that.I can not think NOTHING!
-I can not see mess around me for more than half and hour. It is more of an OCD and less of the hyper activeness.
-Even if I am dead tired, usually I do not sleep if some work is pending. Like reaching home at 12 in the night and not unpacking. It happened last month when I came back from my home town after being with my mom in the hospital for a week,drained out physically and emotionally.
-I can not let others work in my kitchen. I need to multitask and if something goes slow it spoils my plan. 
-My mind keeps on weaving plan once I decide to do something. Rarely I visit a place without any plans. 
-Dance liberates me. May be this shows my hyper activeness. Sitting and watching someone dancing without even tapping my feet is a punishment.

It is useful most of the times as I generally do not keep work pending (Well,most of them!) but it does hurt me a lot as I seldom take rest when required.It creates disturbances in my sleep schedule. A bit of calmness becomes rarity in life. 

While even at the ripe age of 27 I am learning to manage this trait of mine, any suggestions?

No.Meditation is something which was tried thousand times without success. 


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