April 2, 2016

B for Birthdays!

Aren't they beautiful? For me, they were/are always fun! There was a time when I used to like my birthdays to be stuffed with little big surprises, friends and fun. Honestly, I still love them. Unlike people who love cozy and warm birthdays with family, I prefer birthdays full of people. Family,friends,colleagues and cakes.

As a kid,I used to feel bad about my birthdays which would either fall on the last day of the exam week or the first day of the summer vacation. As I was not into celebrating birthdays with friends and cutting cakes at home- I used to pray that some day it would fall on school days when the whole class or say the whole school would wish me.I would be the hero of the day without any heroic deed :D
That mom made cake and friends had fun with dinner kind of birthdays were never my thing!

Grown up me did not changed the kiddo  me during collage days or even after I started working. I liked my birthdays on week days but would always miss my family, though my parents always made it special one or the other way. I kept on enjoying 12'o clock celebrations for two three years with a child's heart as at home we never celebrated midnight for some reasons. (Though,I despise the midnight celebration now as my liking for working days-birthdays combination does not really support celebrating at 12'o clock. Who the hell wants to celebrate only for a couple of hours and sleep before the exciting birthday starts in the office!)

Birthdays became more special once I started spending them with Mr.ISB. Surprises, dinners, friend's get together, surprise parties planned with my gang. He has so far done everything possible on my last few birthdays. It was/is a special feeling to see him gelling with gang for me and my gang chilling with him for me!

This birthday (OMG Only thirteen days left!),though things would be different. I wont have any of my usual birthday people- Mumbai Gang - not in Mumbai any more, Pune Gang,Singapore gang -not in Singapore but not in Mumbai,Mom still recovering from her illness and the biggest shocker- Mr.ISB. He would be in Denmark helping some vikings with ships, sitting in the building in Copenhagen. (Lame joke,I know!)

So,this birthday,I need to plan things on my own. I think,I am liking the idea of planning my own birthday celebration than expecting others to do it.

How do you celebrate your birthdays? How did you spend your last birthady?!

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  1. G makes sure, he does something for my birthday.. Last year we went to Andaman and we did scuba diving, just a day before my birthday and I said, its like a new life.. from then on he is rubbing it on me, saying.. he gave me a new life on my bday :)