April 7, 2016

G for Goa

Now do not expect a long shiny travelogue ,because I have got NONE. Reason: I have not been to Goa Goa. Aaa..ah... I meant I have been to Goa three times if I recollect but as a kid with my family. It also means I have seen all the Temples, Churches and commercial beaches of Goa (I conveniently do not remember any of them properly) but the real GOA which people youngsters see is yet to be explored.

I have heard about Goan food, fruits, flea markets, hikes and drives. I have seen millions of photos of people having  gala time chilling on the beach, eating fancy stuff,wearing fancier clothes, enjoying colorful festivals. Photos which intimidate me more, are of people lying down and  reading books on beautiful beaches with drinks in their hands. Surreal. Every other person under the sun seems to have been to this Goa. And me? No :/

Now, do not get me wrong if I say I am not a beach person.I am not! People consider me a looser if I say I've not been to Goa and a super looser when I tell them- I want to go but I am not a beach person. (I do not blame them!) The reason of wanting to go Goa for me is not beaches.

The reason of wanting to go Goa is rains. I prefer Goa in rains. I want to go for long drives in that green Goa, drenching like nobody's business. I want to observe local people there. I want to drink hot chocolate in those small local homely stalls. I want to do that monsoon trek which is long due.I want to flaunt those floral tops which are happily sitting in my cupboard. I want to bike on narrow roads in outskirts of Goa and discover nature. I want to gobble locally made cheese cakes and pasta. I've read so much about the organic fun people have in Goa that I so very much want to plan my next holidays there. But...

That Goan Holidays never come.Either I do not get leaves. Or we plan to go some where else.Or I just jinx it every single time.

But I do not stop dreaming about my days in Goa.

Goa, you beauty. You better be awesome when I arrive.

Till then :)



  1. Goa is waiting for you bubblegum!!

  2. I love Goa.. We have been there multiple times.. During Rains.. During Summer... During Winter.. Its a place outside this world.. You just forget everything and become a Goan when you are there