April 12, 2016

J for Jewellery

The only super girly trait I have if I do not count dancing in it,is my love for Jewellery. I do not care much about dresses and try to go for comfortable ones even at the risk of looking under dressed. But, jewellery? No. Ear rings are my things and compromising with the pair is not my comfort zone anyway. Bracelets, chains and neck pieces are somethings I love but seldom wear,yet I can not say that I am not into them.

Love for ear-rings and other jewellery pieces has grown into me with years.As a kid I used to wait for festive seasons as only during these days my mother would allow me to change my small boring gold-diamond studs. I never liked them and always wanted to wear stones (Ruby or  Sapphire) or pearls in a little hoop style design. Some how my love for ear-rings stuck to these precious stones and I never liked Diamonds or Gold.

My wedding preparation became a war time activity between my mom and me as she felt for the society she needs to give me more gold which was not the scene in my family (My dad's side doesn't prefer Gold and always crave for stones and pearls with intricate designs for some unknown reasons! How I love such designs!). I was hell bent on not taking too much of gold and actually pestered my dad to fight with my mom to let me have those amazing pearl jewellery of old times.

Even today, if I would buy something from my heart it wont be gold or diamonds! (I read about Blood Diamonds and how we can not differentiate between blood and non-blood diamonds.I hate myself for being happy for two sets I got during my wedding as gifts from both sets of parents.)

In fact contrary to people's belief, I feel Stones with silver, crystals and Pearls are girl's best friends.They are more economical,so you can have more of them. They are fancier.They go well with ethnic as well as western clothes.Not all precious stones/pearls/Crystals need to be kept in the locker- so you can flaunt them every time you feel like! I so want to splurge some day into stones. Pearls I have got many and Crystals ..

Well, Mr.ISB already gifted me a set of Swarovski Crystals before leaving for Denmark.

Or I just made him gift that to me :D

PS: Next birthday may be stones? Did I mention I love Jaipur stones and pearl studs europeans wear?

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