April 18, 2016

O for other

There are living and non-living things in life whom we don't like to care about but the society or the normal human tendencies of different types make us cling on to them.

Gifts. Some you love to the core. You indulge in them forever. But then there are things which you have not used EVER or stopped using them because either their life is over or you can not use them due to location, seasonal constraints or simply you do not like them any more.Do you discard them? At least, I take time to realize their worthlessness.

Clothes. Some of them are bought by you.Sometimes people buy them for you and eventually you do not wear them at all because your choice changed or you simply felt uncomfortable in them. Do we discard them?

Books. This one is almost impossible for me. I can not discard even one book. Even when the book is just too boring to read eleven odd pages. Even when it is about something which can evoke sleep in the otherwise an owl- that is me. I need to start discarding those bundles of pages/booklets I picked as memories of cities I visited or bought them just out of curiosity but never bothered to read.

Other miscellaneous stuff like rolls of ribbons,pens,old visiting cards, old gadgets, wires. We don't use them at all or we do but may be once in a year. It is wise to scrap totally nonfunctional things and keep a small part of things which you might need once in a year. The human tendency to save them for the rainy day does nothing but increase the mess in that cupboard of yours. Such things anyway hardly carry sentimental values.

People. Let's talk about discarding whom you do not like from tiny brains we have. Friendships which are already washed off feelings but you still tend to cling on to them for no reasons.Relationships which are unavoidable to not to manage but in a way they cost you a lot of heart burns even when you think about them. It is better to discard such people out of life. Doing something as a social obligation is cheating yourself. Peace of mind is something should be priority and clearly it is not being gifted by these people whom we just talked about. They create the same kind of mess in our lives, which useless books,clothes and gifts make.

Because anything which does not make you feel warm, it falls in to the 'OTHER' category.

And one should ignore, avoid and discard 'OTHER' if they come in between you and your happiness. (Or your suppose to be super organized home! :D )

I am starting with those 'OTHER' clothes,books and people. You?

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