November 15, 2011


I have a habit of mailing very regularly to my dear and near ones on daily basis, specially if I blog or write something , first thing I do is to expect comments from some people!

One of my brothers  (Who is a very very very sensible writer ,not like me!) wrote me back..Here is the chain of 2 mails!
To: 'One of the bhais'
Subject::A letter to an addiction-Bubblegum

Address: Café coffee day,Mumbai

Dear Chocolate fantasy,

I just want to request you, not to attract me too much with your delicious smell and taste. Every time I see your photo in menu card I tend to feel like indulging in you. I have got warnings from several people not to be with you much. Please stop being so so good. I really really can’t stop being with you if I see you or smell you. Please don’t follow me in my dreams and thoughts. Please.

From:'One of the bhais'
Subject:'RE: A letter to an addiction-Bubblegum'

Dear Café Coffee day

I understand, u are trying to flirt with my Sister!
It is good to be a friend but please don’t cross your limits.

She can have you once in a week.
The love between you too will be limited to smiles (i.e less chocolate) and shake hands(i.e less icecream).

So, please try to keep her happy with your delightful presence.

Bubblegum, I understand your love for Chocolate fantasy….have it once a week!
Rest I have complained to Café coffee day..It wont indulge with you anymore!

Well wisher!


My expressions : Priceless!!!

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