November 23, 2011

A girl...

Its about the tallest girl, I have ever met. She is the real charm! I still remember , guys used to feel odd to talk to her due to her height! :) She became my room-mate for some days in Pune , she remained my good friend and now she is my room-mate and of course the best of best friends! :) Oh I forgot to mention , She is my junior! :)

She is talkative like me, She is an expert in leg pulling like me. She can sidhofy any tedha medha guy. She can handle anyone who is drunk and she can always make anyone see tarein zameen par! She is a lot like me and she is sometimes a bit more matured than me!

She likes to scream at me, when I become conscious about my looks,she hates if I don't have my food.She supports me even sometimes without no mood to pull any one's leg! Obviously our third roomie (whom we call Maa Annapurna due to her amazing culinary skills!) becomes bakara!oopss bakari!

She puts her best in cooking and dancing and ahoy I am her fan for both! No, no seriously! She can do any stupid thingie to any over matured thingie that make me feel inferior being her senior! She supports me through thick and thin...Youtube is our favourite website , we can watch numbers of videos of Madhuri,Sridevi or any dancing diva. Aah, its not that we share the same passion! I will focus on dance and she will be focusing on costume-designs! :P She makes the rocking and ultra awesome tea she makes! It can make me keep awake for a number of days eksath!

She wants me to get committed/engaged/married as soon as possible. As last option can not be obtained so soon, she tries for another two! She praises me, in front of her doctor who is from my caste, in hopes that the doctor uncle would be having a son! :P

The crux of the story is I am not able to grasp that after 5 days, she is going to be Mrs from Ms. God bless the man! :P

I try not to take interest in any of marriage-shopping , I tried to discourage myself to be in the amazing marriage aura at my place. I hate to help her to pack her bags.

I can not imagine myself , I wont be waiting for her to leave for office. I can not imagine I wont be encouraged by her to dance everyday , every moment. I am going to miss her singing..The best she can sing is a song from Delhi Belly. I am going to miss her scoldings for my not-so-updated dressing sense. She grins when I play some very old songs, I will miss those looks.

Girl, I want to tell you something...

"Kuch bhi ho jae...I AM YOUR SENIOR!" :) :)

I wish , you.. (If at all you read this!) CONGRATULATIONS for the marriage in advance! I warn her would be..and now our very good friend (with god's grace, he is the most matured person on this earth!).."Keep her happy all her life, or else ghar pe halla bol denge :) "! That can happen in any case though!

Chal ab..thoda senti--for her--> You know I don't cry infront younger ones but that doesn't mean I am not going to miss you! I am not able imagine the void we would feel, I don't want anyone to take your place at our place!

Over and out!


  1. OMG..DB nw dat was very heavy..very very heavy dat made me cry!!!...
    Wht to say nw..m speechless...evn i se to feel d same abt u but u quoted dos in wrds...dats one of thing dat i like abt u..m gonaa miss u too dear...lyk HELL!!!....Pls olwaz keep space for me in ur heart n my "LOCAL MAYKA"..<3<3<3

  2. Very nicely written...your feelings for your friend shone through the blog...


    P.S It confirms that you look up at your friend both literally as well as figuritively.

  3. @ A girl : Yeah local mayaka is there! Not to worry! :) Will miss u reeeeee!

    @Shana: shukriya dost! :)