November 11, 2011

I want them back!

There are some characteristics in our lives which are gradually taken over by the hectic schedule, we develop with life. They also move on! Though we always loved them , we were better with them , we don't look back and try to regain! Even if we look back it seems impossible to regain. Do we actually try our best??May be no?

I call them a part of 'I want them back' list. These virtues/skills make you feel full and they make you feel 'you'! I realized ,when my father last time met ,told me in usual talks 'I have kept 3 walls of our new home just simple like that! You need to create something out of it haaa!'. May be a part of my 'I want them back' list!

So here is the ' I want them back' list of Bubblegum :)

  • Painting cartoons and sticking them on the wall! I still love them.
  • Reading more and more English, Gujarati Novels.(I still do, but not like before!)
  • Bharatnatyam or contemporary dance I would like to refresh! (Seems impossible?!)
  • Making albums of photos clicked by my father! I suppose I need to do it for myself now!May be I would get motivated to learn more on photography!
  • Arranging songs-database perfectly by my mood-playlist and not by films!! Cool na?
  • Arranging/making greeting cards, oneliners on my Papa's desk and now I can do it myself! Did I even care for it?
  • Arranging my collection (Read-huge) of earings, bracelets properly! I am still in searching of the perfect management thingie for it!
  • Watching all all and all Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies on holidays! ( I know this one seems odd in the list but these movies either teach you something  or makes you happy!)
  • Collecting lyrics of songs I love! I can not sing without understanding lyrics!!! :(
  • Making hand made cards for all friends on birthdays and Diwalis.
Here by, I vow to regain as many things as I can from this list soon! Very soon!

Where is your 'I want them back' list!??? I am sure you have one!

PS: Oh boy, this is my 100th post!
PS-II: Today is the birthday of my 2 friends, and 1 of them dint pick my call!Hey I am not going to call you back! I know what were you doing! :P


  1. Happy 100th post to your lovely's wishing many more milestones :)
    Thank you for this wonderful list, you reminded me of so many things I too have given up over the years :)
    P.S.- I too am a huge fan of Hrishikesh Mukherjee films :)

  2. @threerailivedin: Shukriya shukriya.. :) You also start doing something from your list, we will compare how much we could achieve! :)

  3. playing on the backstreet of my house with my friends in scorching heat of summers would be my pic :)
    reminds me of the Jagjit Singh song ... woh kaagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka paani :)

    lovely! I think you can still do it! Age no bar in fun!

  5. Sorry for not picking up the call...really sorry...u wer wrng abt wat i was dng... i was driving d car...

  6. @Anon: Chup chup!!! You were driving cars, rest of our friends were not..Okay? :P Come with a good gift on my bday or nearest , On new year! :P Then we will see! :P

  7. Ok done... as u say mam...