November 17, 2011

Tag-di lifestyle!?

I was tagged!! Guess what it is my first ever tag!! (I know its funny! 100 posts over and not a single tag?!)

I here by take this opportunity to post something about my life style! But doston, I like to shoot one arrow to hit 2 targets! (ek teer se do nishan??!) I will door karofy all shikayats about myself...Aaai shapath , I will try hard!! ;)

So my current life-style:
  • I am maha irregular for my meals, I generally tend to forget my dinner! 
  • I have a habit of skipping breakfasts! Now blame my room-mates and me , we are always late! 
  • One good factor is I just love fast walking & Jogging , dancing and badminton! The bad thing is ,I struggle to stick to my routine for walking and jogging!
  • I love to pamper myself ,be it a new haircut or even taking rest and doing nothing,but I just don't do anything due to my hyper active nature!!! I cant sit at a place for a longer period of time unless you give me a good book in my hands!!
  • I am particular about my daily dose of milk and I have also won the khitab of 'Amul baby'from my friends! I am so proud that , I am making my bones stronger!
  • I am not at all good at sleeping , sometimes I call my self insomniac and the other day I will sleep well!The only problem is I actually look like a vampire when I don't sleep and I get irritated by everyone around  me!
  • I love green veggies a lot! (Thanks to my Papa!) So, no escapism from salads! To add shine to gold (Something like 'sone pe suhaga?!), I don't like fried food including stuffed puffs,samosas!
  • I just love fruits, but I have to be active enough to go to buy fresh fruits and enjoy!
  • I am not a drinker! The good thing is 'I don't take hard drinks' and the bad one is-I don't drink water properly. I forget!
  • I am a coffee-lover! I need to reduce my coffee intake!
So, when I was tagged , I knew, I will realize how badly I need a life-style make over!


  1. Hi,

    That was a pretty quick one indeed!!

    Since you love walking, jogging, dance & badminton you should be another trim and slim aish :)

    i think you are not in a bad shape though just here and there some changes in your lifestyle and you should be fine dear!!

  2. @Shaktii: I am like aish ..the present one right now :P I love dancing, jogging and all..but i am all lazy bones too! :P