November 15, 2011

A victim of resignations!

A sudden change in life comes when you switch to a new job! A new boss, a new organization ,new team mates and a new canteen?!! (Food changes okay?!) You have to struggle to adjust.May be discovering some surprises and shocks would be painful too.

I am not joining any new company! I am not!Still , I am feeling the pain-I am the victim of resignations of my office-buddies (Read-best buddies!)..

I am being the 'ulta' victim of resignations of my office!I do have a separate gang now which has left this office in a short span of 2-3 months (Mass resignation?!) , leaving the youngest member (yours truly!) in the office!!!

I know I know , I am a brave girl , a very strong girl and can manage miracles (Thats what you all are going to say!) ..But, I am not able to manage the 'sannata' jo chhaya hua hai doston!!

The 'Sanatta' ...
  • While having lunch (Other team-mates are kind enough to tolerate me , but where are you people?!)
  • While having numbers of coffee breaks,just to discuss any damn topic!
  • No hang outs after office-time, be it a movie or a walk back to our respective accommodations together!
  • Those CCD pass times! (I have been again a bit lucky this time , I do have some people who meet me the same way!)
  • Your desks haunt me! Specially if some new unknown people have taken it over!
  • Laptops of you people, from which I used to shoot mails by your official Ids and we would be making a chain of hundreds of mails!
  • Phone calls if I am late even by a few minutes from my usual (Dont laugh!) time to punch in!
  • Walks we used to enjoy in the plant after lunch! We still do the same, enjoy but you all are not there!
  • All those pranks..I can not play everytime on everyone! (I still do!)
  • I still have people who appreciate if I blabber most of the time and cant keep mum!
Dont you people even think that I would stop doing all these things! I will ,as I enjoy (I am lucky to have some new friends/ some old friends who take care of me, now a lot like you!) and may be I recall you people and just make up my mind....

"I will make you people come back to me again , in the same city we will be"!

Yanna rascalla...Mind it!!


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  2. Close friends are always missed especially when they were once your best pals even at workplace.
    Loved the post :)

  3. @theerailivedin: :) No comments! I am the victim right now!