November 27, 2011

Killing a judge!!

One of my friends after months called me up!The guy's surname is 'Nyayadhish'. We were chit chatting in our usual matter. He was my team-mate previously, we were talking about our memories related to work-place and other gossips. He always knew about my fertile mind who always crops good 'PJs'! ('Good' depends from person to person though!) We were laughing over some silly issues and suddenly I felt and so I said...

"If true to you surname , you would have become your judge, then what would have happened?!"

Listening to the new twist in the conversation..


"Any one who would have come to you for justice , you would have beaten him up!!!

"Pagal hai kya..Why would I ?!!"

"Because when 'Nyay' -'aa'---'Dhhiiishhhhhhh'!!!"


*Laughing on my side of the phone and may be thunking his head on the other side of the phone!*


  1. DID YOU hear back from him ?:)

  2. @Life Unordinary: Hehe....yes obv!! He would pakkese give me galis na :P