November 3, 2011

Kerala chronicles-II

The Allepy was something so much surprising for us as we thought nothing can be more beautiful than Kanyakumari sea! I was so very much wrong!!!


My resort ie. Lemon tree was fabulous!!! The swimming pool at the level of backwaters, outstanding view directly from our window..Floating lush green grass and flowers..Fog and sometimes showers!!Travelling of 4 hours was not at all boring! Music in the ears and fresh green frames all around!!! Not at all boring and tiring! The climate was refreshing too! I have some friends from Allepy and I was feeling so jealous!! Sunflowers on land side was celebrating diwali I think :) The looked gorgeous!

We also saw a road which was having sea waters on one side and back waters on the other! The width was less then even 12 feets!

Munnar and Theckady:
The next day, a trip to Munnar was a bumpy ride with motion sickness for me! It was a shock as I am used to this ghat wala travelling! But this Ghat was 'ghato ka baap' and mother of all 'beauty'! Clouds were passing by! Fog was not letting us see anything beside sometimes! Tea gardens were chill thrill for eyes! Hundreds of types of flowers and bird-'blessed by God' place!

The sterling resort was on a hill and we were thrilled by the awesome Diwali celebration by them! Fireworks to dinner to mithai-Perfect! It was our new year and hundreds of Gujaratis celebrated so beautifully!One day tour to Theckady was waiting for us the next day!

3 hours of journey to Periyar wild life century was finished early by driver uncle! The first wild animal we found was red faced monkeys!!! They snatched a pack of food from my hands and I couldn't even scream! They were in plenty! We had to walk for some 15 minutes to take the boat! Yes! We have to see all what we can from the boat!! God gifts of plenty of different birds , flowers, tigers,elephants, deers are given to Periyar region! We spotted almost 8 elephants including one baby elephant! We could also see many many deers,Kingfisher birds in plenty! Clouds were passing from the upper deck! Heaven!

While returning to Munnar , we went to a spice garden. We got to know about Peppers (Black, white and green), Ardusi, Ilayachi , bananas, clove,Jayphal, turmeric,vanilla to insulin herbs! The cutest small flowers of ilayachi was a bliss for our eyes! We bought some herbs also! I must say they are very very costly! The garden was so dense that we couldn't move properly to click photos also!Have a look at Elayachi flowers!

The third day at Munnar was for rest and a bit of roaming around!! Coming soon in part-III! Rest of the Munnar and Chochin chronicles!!


PS: I am finding it difficult which photo to post and which not to post! May come up with a photo blog! :)

PS-2: I have plenty of things to write which will not be posted in chronicles! You may find 2 posts a day!! Ahem!!! I can blog for the whole day as of now!

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