November 29, 2011

Moments I enjoyed-The flying visit to Nashik :)

  • I enjoyed the very early morning walk in the company campus as I had to take our company bus at 5.45am and Ahoy!! Mumbai in fog is something I loved!!!
  • The horrible bus journey to Nashik was also a part of fun-time pass. Favourites on  my play list and the window seat gave  me some comfirt.
  • The excitement to be in the company campus at Nashik to meet my office-mates made me tumble twice! :P The marriage of a friend was the biggest excitement though!
  • An urge to wear a maharashtian nose ring was fulfilled :)
  • The grand welcome smileys I got in the Nashik office were adorable. Chatted a lot with all buddies out there and obviously chocolates were given by some sirs to their 'laadali' chhoti don! :)
  • I enjoyed the lunch with juniors! Yes, a junior guy cooked for me!! :) It was awesome with my favourite chocolate fantasy!! :)
  • The stay at one of my seniors place was awesome! Taiyar hona for all functions and having tea and chitchatting- I enjoyed!!
  • All those veering bike ride with saree I had put on thanks to all buddies! :P
  • The biggest reason to enjoy was- I used my DSLR fully to click and store good memories!! :)
  • The continuous support given by all buddies out side Nashik was something I would always expect! Samaj gae? :)
  • The return journey and andheri galiyon mein chalana-- Memorable with one more twisting and tumbling in Mumbai!: )
PS: Oh did I congratulate my friend for her wedding?? "Congratulations dear!!" and yes! My camera is missing you! :) You are the most supporting buddy I have got when I was in Nashik. You rock :)

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