November 6, 2011

'Ghar ghar' ki kahani..

I have never ever moved out of a city till my placement in the company, I am serving right now! But man, after that I have changed so so so many 'ghars' that I have always been the victim of home-sickness once in a while with no homely feeling at that place, getting attached to the new place and again leaving the same!. Luckily I am happy to be settled in my latest accommodation-hopefully!

The first locational change was from home to Nashik where our induction was held. Just in 20 days after settling down I was thrown to Pune! ...Again I started enjoying but hey..I had a pretty long way to go! I was transferred in another organization ( Good Luck!) and I had given the preference -Nashik!

So 3 months with full of travelling  and practically very less days spent at Nashik , It was decided I will be in Mumbai by Senior bosses!! Coool! The first year of job and 3 locational changes , I was okay in the company accommodation!!!

The completion of first year followed by confirmation I had to leave the place and moved to sharing based place with 2 elder didis serving in the same company more or less! A pretty good house-First time felt as if I am owning the place and the room! Enjoyed a lot and just 5 months I had to shift to a friend of mine, living alone with a severe back problem! The transfer changed my life totally! May be I was becoming more and more matured!?

3months sharing and as the lease was getting over, one more pretty house was in my account! The shifting was tiring but thanks to my buddies it was cool and I was superbly managing my own things! Again some learnings of my life with some more maturity!!! 3 months and my friend got transferred to another city , with the bag of good and bad experiences and a fresh mind I headed to a pretty well house with 2 juniors which turned out to be very good buddies and I must say obedient juniors of me, as the eldest of them!! For the first time I was the eldest one ..not the pampered and youngest one!

Now I am fully settled and handling my professional life very well, I feel at HOME! yess!! Finally!

One of my 2 room-mates now getting married and I don't have to shift but.. I AM FEELING THE BLUE!.Ghar se jaane ka dukh..!! :(

I hope for me yeh 'Ghar ghar ki kahani' will not have more than 2 twists! I have already scored 8!

PS: We also changed our home where I was born last year to the new amazing place in Ahmedabad! The Actual score is 10!

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