November 7, 2011

Discovering 'me'!

I had been struggling in some confusions since some days. Should our work be the passion? If yes can it be something what we enjoy? If yes than should it be related to our best of best hobbies???

I have spent enough time with myself to ponder over the issue. My hobbies are in plenty ,and I enjoy each of them at the right time. Does that mean I would be picking any of them as my profession!? Am I the real 'me' for that??

I love communicating with people at the same time I hate taking follow ups and co-ordination all the time. I love music and dance! I love photography! (Okay I know I am a toddler!) I love to write for my own-self and what not! Can I take up any of the them as my profession instead of being jack of all and master of none?

The answer came to me was 'NO'! The decision is very personal! Current work I am doing in the core technical field is what I enjoy as my work and my profession. My hobbies are paths I can re-discover myself when I am fighting to prove myself professionally. They fire my zest for life! I can not convert them in to something like workload! At the same time being out of the core technical field and playing with my dreams is something I would hate to! I have found myself , craving for core technical knowledge updations once in a while.

So the real 'me' comes out when my profession and my hobbies would be different and I would value them the most in my life! Enjoy both!

Over and out of confusions! Ahem!


  1. I am glad you gave these thoughts a deeper thought and came up with definitive answers.Once we are sure what we actually enjoy doing everyday and under a variety of circumstances, all we need to do is stick to it as 'WORK'.

    Rest everything else can be enjoyed at leisure :)

  2. @theerailivedin: :) Though my decision was may be not in line with a general conception of 'work my passion'! But it holds good for me as my work and my 'metal' match each other too! Hobbies can be kept for my own self :) May be not for money?! :) Thanks!

  3. Nice one Dwija.. This sometimes put me too on the horns of dilemma. Let me share my trivial thoughts..

    I feel your profession should be something that excite you to the core, something for which you are extremely passionate. If your work fascinates you, you will be always improving. But above all, one's profession must be something that provides you with the opportunity to contribute to the society, which for me is the first and foremost.

    On the other hand, your hobby may or may not be your profession. For me hobby is something that keeps me relax, that recharges my mental and physical batteries to execute my professional activities in more efficient manner.

    What do you say?

  4. @Priyal: Very true!!! I have decided so ... :)