November 8, 2011

Out of control curve of excitements!

You feel the Sine curve of excitement has started getting you on nerves!

Obviously...What do you feel when..

You and your roomie will shut the main door of your flat and the key is inside, in the morning at 9.. !
You both will be happy, that your another room mate has the key and she will come by 9!
You check your bag, just by chance if you get the keys, for 100 times in the office!
You get to have a cup of coffee with a friend for 3 hours while waiting for your roomie to come!
When 3 of you reach home and found that lock is now old and it is refusing to open up even with the key!
Your neighbour-1 is not at home with whom you share common balcony! Just a shutter in between!
Another neighbour has the key of neighbour-1's place , you can open their home but cant find the key of that damn shutter!
You call up the key-broker/breaker (hehehe!! I call them that!) at 11, he breaks the lock in 5 minutes!
You just had a cup of coffee and you are so hungry that you just gulp the whole glass of milk!
While having it , you fight with your brother on the call ,out of frustration for age old things! and say sorry too!

1 day-So many excitements ---Just made you pray at night 'Ab boring banado bawajee is raat ko!'! :)

1 comment:

  1. Aww...that's so sweet :)
    All is well that ends well :)