November 13, 2011

I smiled :)


  • A college friend , living outside India for studies pinged me on whatsapp and asked " Should I add rise first or 'other stuffs' in oil while cooking Pulao?! Actually it was a rofl moment!!
  • A friend of mine after ages pinged me on chat and after 5 minutes 'Arre you are still the same!!Ditto!'!
  • My room-mate (who had gone to her didi's place on Sunday) replied me 'Kabhi nahi' on my question, 'When are you coming back yaar!' but after a few seconds 'Kidding yaar..In sometime!'!
  • One of your roomie asks you 'Aaaj dinner mein kya khilayegi?' and suddenly seeing her studying your interest for cooking ignites!
  • You are scared of your mom's enthusiasm of searching guys for you and your father smses 'Dont worry , I am there to pull brakes!'
  • You are mesmerized by the song 'O re piya' from Aja Nachle and find that , even after years your postures are perfect and feel you can again start up dancing!
  • You are again super confused what to buy 'A new I-pod' or 'A new mobile' when you are hooked on to music so tightly!
  • A friend of yours , smses you back after your late night message - 'You will get dark circles and now-a-days good guys don't like girls with dark circles!'
  • The same friend calls you back when out of frustration you sms ('I want to scream') to hear,how you scream!
  • A brother of yours is selected in an expedition in Himalayas getting over other hundreds of entries!
  • Your friends wish you  'Happy Children's day' and you freak out at them..and after 5 minutes... :)
How many smiley moments you had recently??!!! :) I had plenty!! :)


  1. This post is really cute!! Love it