November 12, 2011

Really rocked??-Rockstar!

So after a waiting period of so many days,I got the chance to see the movie on the second day! I must say the movie is not for 'aam janata'. I would like to be neutral (being a fan of Ranbir Kapoor) and judge.

Turn offs of the movie:
  •  Nargis is not so beautiful- my personal choice and when she speaks you can gauge the charm! Totally unwanted actress chosen! She only has good figure, that's it. One can see hard work put in the dance as some postures were very much perfect and some were really very very weak.
  • The second half is maha-boring though Ranbir and Rehman try to pull you again musically and acting wise if at all you are into it.
  • Direction is very poor in second half.
  • Story has been stretched unnecessarily.
  • The end is abrupt, though you have to be clever to digest the end-which 99% wont be able to.
Turn ons of the movie:
  • Acting of Ranbir Kapoor is mind blowing! R.E.S.P.E.C.T not only C.R.U.S.H!
  • One of the greatest creations of A.R.Rehman. Kun faya Kun , Sheher mein with Sada haq, Nadan parindey take the game but what really touched my heart was Jugalbandhi of Shehnai and Guitar!
  • The role of 'Khatara bhai' by Kumud Mishra is impressive.
  • Costumes and choreography, both are too too good!
  • The way Ranbir acts while singing higher notes is something I never imagined he would be doing so nicely. His body language in the starting and then at the end ,shows his acting skills.
  • Beautiful cities -Kashmir and Prague!!!
  • Delhi takes the charm again ,be it market scenes , wide roads , old city area, pink cold weather and sweaters put on by all actors!
This is a very short review, though if you are at all into music and a bit on artistic side (know what is acting and enjoy it too!)the movie is fully paisa vasool! Though 95% public with me dint like, I would again say the movie is not for aam janata!!! I love it for Rs..Ranbir and Rehman! 

So go and watch it.." Sada haq aithe rakh!"


  1. Awesome direction.. I liked second half the most... Allah Rakhkha Rehman really rockss. Ranbir's acting was bonus..And Nargis' charm was cherry on the cake..

  2. Interesting review..though not sure if I'll get to see the movie anytime soon :)