November 10, 2011

Hooked on by..

I am going gaga over the new song 'Sheher mein hu mein tere' by Rockstar -composed by A.R.Rehman.

I was introduced to the song by my brother while I was leaving for Kerala using his (Ooops Papa's) I-pod. I listend to it 10 times in the flight and whole 7 days journey was sheer pleasure with the song!(Song or???Ranbir???)

Basically I am a great great fan of  Ranbir ,Rehman and Mohit --Apna singer!

(My crush over Ranbir is talk of the town in our office!, less they know, I get over crushes very fast!)

The creativity with which the song is composed is just too good to praise!

When Mohit sings first --Sheher mein hu mein tere.... *I directly land in to the dream land with goosebumps*

Did you notice Ranbir throwing the line 'Tu thik se sun nahi raha hai yaar' in the song!??????
The voice kills me.......!
*I am splashed in to the dream land-II!*
*Flattering my eye lashes!*

By the end of the song I dive 1000*n (n=infinite) times into dreamland , total -2-3 zillion!!!

Guys lets make the plan to watch the movie...! Back to the song...... Bbbye!! :)

PS: The movie has got 4 starts and I dont give a damn about it! I am not going to share youtube link also!Possesive you see!

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